LLH Technologies
LLH Technologies presents the longest wearing audio cassette duplicator heads in the world.  
We manufacture, sell, recondition and offer technical support for all types of audio cassette 
duplication heads. Relapping and alignment of magnetic head assemblies using 
digital optics is a specialty. LLH heads and reconditioning services are the 
key to consistent premium quality sound, increased productivity through 
reduced system downtime and the lowest life cycle cost in the industry. 
Please select the type of audio cassette duplication heads you 
are interested in from the list given below.

Loop Bin Duplicator Heads

In-Cassette Duplicator Heads

Check Out the Telex Recontour Program

Studio and 35 MM Sound Heads

High Speed Duplicator Slave Heads

Otari DP- 4050 Cassette Duplicator Heads

Otari DP- 8 Cassette Duplicator Heads


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